When Herzog Lectured at the EICTV [IndieWire]

These are some insights of his pupils in regards to editing:
Hughes: “While editing, I showed him what I felt like was a pretty rough cut of the film. He told me to stop editing. That it was done. To not mess around with it anymore. Don’t spend too much time editing and re-editing your film, or it will lose its sense of life and energy.”

Barbakow: “I anxiously snuck glances at him silently watching my work, wincing at all the things I would change as he took in the film. When it was finished, he unclipped his glasses from the bridge of his nose, turned to me, grabbed my hand in an arm wrestling grip, and deadpanned: ‘Do not change a frame. If you change a frame you are a coward, and I will stab you in the back with a snow shovel.’ I laughed, told him ‘please, no,’ and then asked him about the scattered inadequacies in the work, but he shushed me. ‘No, you are done. On to the next one.’
“The short’s indeed imperfect, but Werner’s point was never to be precious about the work. He loves to say ‘don’t overcook,’ and hates film theory and any over-analysis of cinema. He despises being safe, or putting the end product over process. To him, relying on instinct and collaborating with the elements around you (namely, the wonder and peculiarities in location and human life) is paramount, much more vital than any of the logistical or technical distractions in filmmaking.”
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