Let's not forget... [Errol Morris quote]

Let's not forget that we as humans have created a vast amount of real knowledge. We have been successful, not always successful, but often successful drawing a line between false belief and knowledge, between fact and fiction, between truth and untruth. If we have any claim to nobility I think it comes from that. Does that mean that there are no longer problems, that people are capable of believing preposterous things, that our capacity to believe, our inherent credulity about things puts us at enormous risk? It does. I have had a career recording all kinds of stories over the years, stories about how people prefer untruth to the truth, stories about people who are blinded by their own spurious convictions, stories about false ideas. But in all of that, I have an unshakeable belief in the truth. Maybe we can't always find it, maybe we can't always know it. But in principle we can find it, and we can know it, and that's our goal.
Errol Morris

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