Karen Schmeer Fellow Colin Nusbaum

Posts for pbs.org by Emma Dessau on April-May, 2014.

What’s the most valuable skill or experience you’ve taken away from being an assistant editor, and how will that inform your work going forward?
I think that aside from being insanely organized, efficient, thoughtful and useful, an assistant editor should be a keen observer in order to learn as much as possible from an editor along the way. Every opportunity on a film, even while performing what you might think is the most menial task, is truly a chance to learn — the way an editor watches footage, makes selects in the timeline, or even asks for footage to be organized — all hints at how that editor thinks and works along the way. As an editor now, I use all those habits I picked up from editors when I’m thinking about the connections to be made within footage and across complex stories.

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