"The Right of the Author? An Author Has Only Duties" [Interview to JLG]

An interview to Jean-Luc Godard in which he talks about Film Socialism, History, Philosophy, Copyright, and Cinema. It's from 2010 and it was conducted by Jean-Marc Lalanne and Serge Kagnaski.

English Version: http://cinemasparagus.blogspot.com.br/2010/05/jean-luc-godard-interviewed-by-jean.html
Where does the idea of the cruise through the Mediterranean come from? Homer? 
JLG: At first I was thinking of a story that would take place in Serbia, but it didn't work. So I had the idea of a family in a garage, the Martin family. But it didn't work for a feature-length film, because then the people would turn into characters, and whatever took place would turn into a narrative. The story of a mother and her children, a film that might be made in France, with lines of dialogue, and 'moods'.

Spanish Version: http://www.elcultural.es/version_papel/CINE/28261/Jean-Luc_Godard
La penúltima cita de la película es: “Cuando la ley no es justa, la justicia pasa por encima de la ley...” 
JLG: Eso está relacionado con los derechos de autor. Todos los DVD comienzan con un anuncio del FBI que criminaliza la copia. Fui a buscar una respuesta en Pascal. Pero uno puede entender otra cosa en esta frase. Podemos pensar, por ejemplo, en el arresto de Roman Polanski.

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