Guillermo Arriaga, Bela Tarr, and "the stories".

Two inspiring and different approaches by two striking filmmakers — Guillermo Arriaga [screenwriter] and Bela Tarr [director].

Virginia Aguirre E., from Autonomous University of Mexico State interviewed Guillermo Arriaga for La Colmena magazine in 2005.
¿El artista debe tener un compromiso ético o moral, Guillermo?
—No. Básicamente tiene que haber un compromiso con contar la historia.
—Yo procuro no dar mensajes de ningún tipo. Yo procuro escribir una historia. Si las historias tienen implicaciones morales, políticas o sociales es porque la historia las deriva. Yo no lo pretendo, porque si no termino siendo pretencioso. Terminas tratando de dar mensajes a la fuerza. Lo importante es contar la historia, y si en la historia se dan esas implicaciones entonces serán orgánicas a la misma historia y no obligadas. No estoy preocupado por dar mensajes.

Eric Kohn at Indie Wire interviewed Bela Tarr in the early 2012
In "Damnation," a character says that "all stories are disintegration." "The Turin Horse" seems like the ultimate realization of that. 
I don't care about stories. I never did. Every story is the same. We have no new stories. We're just repeating the same ones. I really don't think, when you do a movie that you have to think about the story. The film isn't the story. It's mostly picture, sound, a lot of emotions. The stories are just covering something. With "Damnation," for example, if you're a Hollywood studio professional, you could tell this story in 20 minutes. It's simple. Why did I take so long? Because I didn't want to show you the story. I wanted to show this man's life. 

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