A Closed Door That Leaves Us Guessing [Pedro Costa's seminar]

It takes a lot of patience, sweat, blood, tears and fatigue to begin to represent something that is close to life.
Jean-Marie Straub describes: if there's no fire in the shot, if there's nothing burning in your shot, then it's worthless. Somewhere in the shot, something must be on fire. This fire that must always be in the shot, it's the love letter in the bank. Very few people are going to see this love letter in the bank, and still fewer are going to write a love letter in a bank.
From 12-14 March 2004, Pedro Costa offered an intensive course in filmmaking at the Tokyo Film School (under the joint auspices of Athénée Français Cultural Center and Cinematrix).

Ossos (Bones), by Pedro Costa, 1997.

Additional films:

The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin, 1915):

L'argent (Robert Bresson, 1983)

Night of the Demon (Jacques Tourner, 1957)

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