Handing Off a Project to Another Video Editor [Aaron Williams]

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Just a excerpt:
Save the next editor a huge headache by having a consistent naming convention for your sequences, and stick to it. Here’s how I version:

  • Title: a name that means something
  • Numbers: increment with client revisions
  • Letters: internal revisions

Example: The rough edit would be “2014 New Products Showcase v1”. If I went through two more refinements that I wanted to keep separate before we sent it to the client, they would be called “2014 New Products Showcase v1a” and “2014 New Products Showcase v1b”. When the client sent back revisions and feedback, the next version would be called “2014 New Products Showcase v2”. Further internal revisions would be “2014 New Products Showcase v2a”, etc.
Naming is a huge help in identifying the most current version. Want to make it even easier for the next editor and not only keep them from cursing you, but have them sing your praises? Put all old versions in an “Archive” bin, and have only the most current version visible by default. They’ll love you, I promise.
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