10 Things FCP7 Switchers Should Know about Premiere Pro CC

And, suddenly, the screen went black. That's how I lost my MacBookPro, and all the job opportunities it entailed. The unbelievable high taxes for Apple-related products -and repairs-  in Brazil resulted in the buy of a cheap, common PC laptop. Now I keep the MacBookPro dead to be repaired in Spain at a later date. And that's why I have to learn the nuts and the bolts of Premiere Pro necessarily, as fate would have it. Maybe this is my farewell to FCP7; not a sad farewell at all.

And the synopsis from Premium Beat, of 10 things that FCP7 editors should know about Premiere Pro include:
  1. Scratch disks are project based
  2. There is less transcoding necessary
  3. Setting render codec (codec settings not as ‘important’)
  4. Partial renders on clips are not maintained
  5. Audio tracks are handled differently, stereo is on one track
  6. Premiere Pro has powerful audio sync tools
  7. Changes to simple editing (smoother process in Premiere)
  8. Copy and paste clips onto different tracks
  9. Scrubbing is possible in the Premiere Pro project panel
  10. Batch export in the background while editing

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