'The things that connect us' [Facebook]

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Such an interesting spot from a technical and visual point of view (except for those white letters: CHAIRS, GREAT NATION, etc. agh). Notwithstanding, considerable mistakes will come if we talk from a down-to-earth point of view, and I would even say from an ethical point of view. I think I am not on my own.

A company that has 1 billion users probably thinks it can't overreach. Yet this ad does. Facebook's invention, the spot says, is as elemental as a chair—and as profound as art, the previous standard bearer for easing the pain of existential human angst. Except, of course, it's not—not really. It's a revolutionary way to communicate and share media and keep in touch. But it's a channel. That a billion people find Facebook useful doesn't mean they find it transcendent. It may cover the planet, but it doesn't speak for the planet.
Just this one, I will not give my view on the editing. I will reflect on some of the main Facebook problems, at least to me. It has been clear for a long time that everyone has become accustomed to Facebook. There is no doubt that it is a good way of communicating and 'keeping in touch' but "it doesn't speak for the planet"! Of course it does not! I was reading an article in English class the other day about some Facebook problems. It said that Facebook might cause stress, sure! "More friends equals more stress," reported. This negative effect, thrown up by wishes of staying up to date and the posible feelings of exclusion, was more appreciable than positive effects (keeping in touch, getting news, forge professional contacts...). Why people go on being on Facebook?

The problems that Facebook can arise depend on the nature of each person, sure (I know some people very responsible). Anyhow, I chose not to join this social network, like my father chose not to have cell phone. Are we different from the rest of people? I don't think so. But what are e-mails, neighbors, friends, blogs, news websites and all these stuff for? Yes, these things do connect us. Maybe they are more uncomforable, but they do the same function. Facebook is not something magical. Such a "bluffing" of ourselves will not achieve anything. Let me sum it up: the problem is not Facebook itself; the problem is the people. I just speak my mind.

I am really tired of the tiresome subject "Social networks" in schools, universities and other sites such as blogs (for which I apologise). First and foremorst: tech us what is right what is wrong! Teach us to build a just world!

P.S.: First time I have ever tried to write in English on this blog. I wanted to practice it and I do hope this will encourage readers abroad to share thoughts. Anyway, correct me if I have used it wrong!

-- NUDD, Tim wrote "The social network promises its 1 billion users warmth in the vast, cold universe", an article for Adweek.com on  4 October 2012. Format: web.


Anne-Lise said...

Sigo teniendo una cuenta en el facebook ? ¿Por qué? La verdad es que no lo sé. El problema en este mundo es que siempre se tiene la impresión de que nos vamos a perder algo, y que está mal perderse algo : por eso está facebook, para impedirnos ser independientes y hacer las cosas que queremos hacer de verdad. Somos putos corderos ! (y también para que nos controlen más, dado que guardan todos los datos que das...)

Ya sabes que no me encanta el inglés, pero sí que tu lo manejas muy bien, compadre ;)


Pablo Hernández said...

¡Anne-Lise, te echo de menos!
FB tiene cosas buenas, y Twitter también, si no pensemos en la Primavera Árabe, comadre. No obstante ya he mencionado que lo preocupante son las ideas de la gente que lo usa, concretamente las de todos esos que lo usan como adicción y como si de su vida se tratara, formándose el perfil con sólo algunos de los hechos de su vida: siempre los «chulis», claro.
Espero verte pronto por la camarita de tu ordenador, o aquí en Salamanca. Besos.