"Horizons" [Zlatko Cosic video art]

Zlatko Cosic is a video artist and filmmaker. He was born in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia, present day Bosnia and Herzegovina. His professional artwork began in 1995 as a member of Belgrade's Academic Film Center where he created experimental films. Cosic will complete a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art from Washington University in May 2011. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Video Production and Interactive Digital Media from Webster University and an Associate of Arts in Broadcasting and a Certificate in Multimedia at St. Louis Community College. Cosic created videos for the 60x60 Project which has been presented at the Spark Festival, French TNA TV, EMM Festival, LOOP Videoart Festival, Printemps Musical d'Annecy, Kulturkiosken Gallery, Stimultania Art Gallery and at other venues in France, Spain, Sweden, Serbia and USA. His film, Horizons has been an official selection at film festivals in the USA, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany and Poland and was a prize winner at the 2010 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, the 2010 Macon Film Festival and at the 2010 Sunscreen Film Festival. Cosic’s experimental film Spaces was screened in numerous film festivals in North America and Europe and won an award at the St. Louis International Film Festival. His video installations were shown at the Cecille R. Hunt Gallery, Des Lee Gallery and Regional Arts Commission in St. Louis, Project 4 Gallery in Washington DC, and Kulturprojekte in Berlin. Cosic’s videos were also shown at the Pulitzer Foundation for Arts, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, St. Louis Art Museum, USA Film Festival, Belgrade Alternative Film and Video Festival, Picture This Film Festival, Byron Bay International Film Festival, Herning International Short Film Festival, Festival Franco-Anglais De Poésie, Florean Museum, Performance & Intermedia Festival in Poland, dokumentART Festival, Lightselect Teofilo, P4 Kuntshouse, PÖFF's Sleepwalkers Film Festival, SEAMUS National Conference, International Streaming Festival in Netherlands, Les Instants Vidéo Festival and Torun Short Film Festival. Cosic currently lives in St. Louis and works as a multimedia producer and artist creating films, public projections, video installations, theater projections and live multimedia performances.

Web: http://www.eyeproduction.com/

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