"Selinah" [Topsy Foundation advertising]

Dirección: Kim Geldenhuys.
Edición: Kobus Loots.

The Ogilvy team’s commentary:

"We’re all familiar with the spectre of the person who gets AIDS and wastes away before our eyes. But what most people don’t realize is that the recovery of an AIDS sufferer on antiretrovirals (ARV’s) is every bit as dramatic. In just 90 days, a person can regain all the health they’ve lost. It’s called ‘the Lazarus effect.’ Working together with Topsy, we located Selinah when she was in the very advanced stages of AIDS. We started her on treatment and filmed her every day for 90 days. The transformation is absolutely real. We used no special techniques and tricks in post production. Selinah was brought back to life purely by ARV’s and her will to live."

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